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Ava Choices for Direct Payments

Ava is a virtual Personal Assistant that helps you manage your Direct Payments. Ava provides a fully managed service if you take a Direct Payment, giving you the confidence and ability to take control of your funding and of your care and support. Ava supports you every step of the way.

Ava allows you to receive funds and manage your budgets in a virtual wallet; Through Ava, you can easily define your care goals and outcomes, view available services and buy services that will best meet your needs. Ava’s access to a unique and diverse set of providers, that ranges from Domiciliary Care and Personal Assistants through to local and community based support, ensures you will receive a bespoke care package that is focused on improving your well-being.

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What does Ava do?

  • Manage budgets - a virtual wallet makes it easy to transfer funds and to maintain visibility over how they are spent. It is also very simple for you to self-manage your Direct Payment budget.

  • Access to care providers - Ava gives access to a broad and diverse set of providers that goes beyond the traditional forms of care.

  • Personal Assistant register - Ava takes on all of the administrative functions involved in finding, registering and managing personal assistants.

  • Find the right care - Support plans are captured in Ava and through a systemised process Ava allows you to source and manage care packages based on your unique outcomes. Ava facilitates the on-going management of care packages ensuring your well-being is always at the heart of the process.

  • Payments made easy - Ava streamlines and systemises the payments process making it easy for you and providers alike.

  • Ava Assistants - Ava Assistants are on hand to offer help you throughout your journey, taking the hassle and worry out of managing a Direct Payment.

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Why choose Ava?

Ava making taking a Direct Payment simple and stress free.

  • Enhance your independence
  • Offer a genuine choice of care and support
  • Help protect those who maybe shielding from Covid supporting them to access services you need
  • Remove stress and makes the process easier

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