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What is Ava Choices?

Ava helps you find the best care and support for your needs.

Ava was created to help those who are not eligible for funding from their Local Authority and those who prefer to find their own care.

Ava makes finding and managing care simple and stress free.

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Why Ava Choices?

Ava is quick and easy to use. It is an intuitive website with an array of trusted care home and at home care providers onboard. Ensuring all your care needs are met. In addition to the website, you will have a team of people on-hand to help answer any questions.

We help over 29 Local Authorities and 23 CCGs all over the UK to find care for their citizens. Now we can help you.

We value everyone who comes to us, putting your needs first. From the moment you are introduced to us, through to sourcing your care and beyond. We at Ava believe in empowering individuals to focus on their health and wellbeing to have the best quality of life possible.

Whether you are looking for care for yourself or for a loved one. Ava is here to help. To register, click the link below and tell us how we can help.

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A Guide to Self-funding

Who is classed as a Self-funder?
A Self-funder is required to pay the full amount for their care and support. A self-funder is determined by the following:

  • You have had a health assessment and although deemed as eligible for care, your assets exceed £23,250
  • You have chosen not to accept financial aid from your Local Authority
  • Your care needs have been assessed and you are not yet eligible for adult social care services

What steps shall I take?
If you don't yet know whether you are a self-funder or not, the following steps could help you:

  1. Contact your GP/Local Authority to have a health assessment
  2. Contact your Local Authority for a financial assessment
  3. Speak to an Ava Assistant about what other options you have
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How does Ava work and how can it help me?